Exhibitor Zone

Please use these resources to help you to get the most out of this event and make the pre-show process as easy and trouble free as possible. If you have any queries or questions in the lead up to the show, please do not hesitate to speak to your customer liaison Tracey Davies, or email her.

List of Useful ContactsThis is exactly what it says on the tin!

Quick Guide to ExhibitingYour ‘pre-show’, ‘at the show’, and ‘after the show’ Quick guide.
This should help you to maximize show potential and reduce show stress.

Quick Guide Exhibiting

Exhibiting HandbookThis is your handbook for exhibiting at the show. It should contain all that you need including a map, build up and break down times and a contents list for ease of use.

Exhibiting Handbook

Catalogue Entry
This is where you supply your company name for your stand fascia nameboard and also the description you wish to have in the show catalogue and on the show website. This is part of your stand booking and is an essential activity.Update Catalogue Entry

Immediate completion will benefit you most

Free Promotion
We offer a free promotion service for exhibitors. Tell us your news and we’ll tell everyone else. Send us images to appear in publicity materials and trade press.

Free Promotion

Immediate completion will benefit you most

Show Identity
Here you can get copies of the show logo to use in promotional materials of your own.

Show Identity

Additional Customer Invitations
Your initial 50 invitations will be sent in April. If you would like more please use this form. There is no charge.

Additional Tickets

Adverts There are further opportunities for you to enhance your company’s exposure. They are great value for money. You could pay for an image to accompany your catalogue entry and/or buy advertising space in the catalogue or on the show website.
Advertising Form

Please do not complete these forms if you are sharing space with the company who made the stand booking.Electrics
All exhibitors must fill in this form.
Download Electric Form

Return by 15th May 2015

An optional form for those of you who need refrigeration on your stand. Download, fill in and post back to the contractor.
Download Refrigeration Form

Return by 20th May 2015

An optional form for those of you who wish to hire furniture for your stand. Download, fill in and post back to the contractor.
Download Furniture Form

Return by 22nd May 2015

Shell Scheme Accessories
An optional form for those who wish to hire shell scheme accessories for your stand. Download, fill in and post back to the contractor.
Download Shell Scheme Access Form

Return by: 20th May 2015
This area is for you to make notes to self about any of your show planning. You can record here which forms you have completed and which are yet to do. Put reminders about stories/images you will send in for promotion etc.This area is individual to your login and will appear whenever you return. We hope you find it helpful.
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